Does the world need end to end privacy or does the world needs centralized auditability and the ability to eavesdrop? Which is it?  For twenty years we have been threading the needle between these fair compromises.  Between privacy and the need for auditability.  In 3pTALK, we brought to market a very special product for a world that needs both. Healthcare workers need to regularly communicate but also need to maintain end to end privacy. Yet regulations in the U.S. and other countries require that there be an audit trail of all communications between healthcare companies on their patients. A single switch that performs communications and captures all their messages simply does not meet these requirements. At 3pTALK, we designed a special escrow service that ensures full, end to end, PKI level privacy, yet comes equipped with a service that fully meets all the needs for escrow and regulatory compliance. And yes, we built in a unique graphical signature technology which health practitioners are used to, but with the security of full fledged PKI. This product was recently acquired by Authentify Inc. and is no longer for sale.